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The truth i know.

Today the storms were louder than usual and there was no where to hide. I sought refuge in the arms of men but there was no one on the other side to lift me up. So shutting my eyes seemed like the best thing hoping that when my eyes open the storm would be calm.Continue reading “The truth i know.”

Self-worth again?

Truth be told we’ve all or are still struggling with low self-esteem and it’s hard to recognize it when you’re in the thick of it. But when it’s all said and done is there room to start over again knowing your self worth?  There was a period in my life where I was norm toContinue reading “Self-worth again?”

The Glory Days

When you closed the door on the past, a window was still open. But now the wind has changed directions bringing you back to close the window.  Often times we hold on to memorabilia that commemorate who we once were or the best of times. But what happens when the memorabilia is damaged or lostContinue reading “The Glory Days”


Is this your season?  Trying really hard to stay positive but something, somewhere keeps pulling you down. They tell you to give the load to someone else but sometimes you wonder if he’s really there.  Is this your season? Always been a fighter but you can’t seem to find your sword to sharpen it forContinue reading “Somewhere”

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